Lucent Spider Magic

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Lucent Spider Magic provides gentle and non-abrasive biological exfoliation without unwanted side effects and down time of peels. 

Bio-engineered from powerful enzymes purified from the digestive tracts of Nephila Clavata, a Golden Orb Spider, Lucent Spider Magic helps increase skin metabolic rate to enable new cellular turnover to refine skin texture and strengthen skin immunity. ArazymeTM present in the formulation helps prevent microcomedone to prevent the congestion of pores which may lead to acne.

Very importantly, Lucent Spider Magic replenishes ceramides in our skin to improve the skin barrier function to prevent inflammation and improves skin ability to naturally retain moisture to maintain healthy hydration balance. Unlike AHA and BHA acid peels, Lucent Spider Magic’s exfoliation process stops when dead skis are dissolved. Therefore, it is suitable for all skin types.